Septic Waste Pumping & Disposal

Septic waste pumping and disposal has been around for many years and has become vital for society to survive. Many under developed and developing areas rely on septic tank services to effectively manage their waste. If it the waste is not taken care of in time, it could lead to over spilling and that in itself makes for unsafe, unhealthy hazardous grounds. There has been a great interest in developing a market around handling and removing septic waste. Commercial septic pumping includes pumping the truck full of waste into the truck’s tank, once this waste has been removed; there are so many other things the waste can be used for. This includes fertilization for agricultural purposes; some of the waste is taken to waste treatment plants and some is taken to profit companies specializing in septic treatments.

Prior to proper authorization waste companies would dump their waste at dump sites and this provided to be toxic for the environment and the people who live near those dump sites- dumping septic waste like this soon became illegal and government were forced to come up with alternative dumping solutions. These sites remained and many are in the process of being cleaned up and restored.

Dump Truckers specialize in septic tank pumping & septic tank services. We are based in Gauteng area

Septic tanks are mainly found in the areas with no sewer connections. These tanks help to remove and keep the areas hazard free. Small children are susceptible to illnesses when exposed to toxic waste and so we advise managing the waste promptly to avoid any further concerns. Over flowing septic waste is not only harmful for the environment and the people living there it also makes it an area that people avoid moving to and move away from when the waste isn’t managed efficiently.

If there is a septic system on your property, you might not think much about it until it becomes a problem. Most septic systems are designed to work with minimal maintenance however, ignoring your septic system and not having it pumped regularly is a recipe for disaster.

When waste-water leaves your home, it travels through your pipes and makes its first stop in your septic tank. The waste-water is separated into 3 different layers in your tank, and that is the fats, oils and grease settle at the top; solid waste settles at the bottom; and a clear layer of liquid, known as the effluent, remains in the middle. As time goes by, the effluent leaves the tank for the drain field, so it can be treated naturally. The layer of solid waste, however, remains in the tank indefinitely, hence, it’s crucial to have it pumped regularly.

During the septic tank pumping process, the solid waste at the bottom of the tank is removed. If this solid waste is not eliminated from the tank and continues to pile, eventually, there won’t be any room left for additional waste-water. This can culminate in a host of septic tank issues and inconvenient backups.

If you haven’t pumped your septic waste in a while, it’s best to contact us for assistance as soon as possible. Also bear in mind that how often you require this service largely depends on the size of your tank, how much waste your household uses, and the population feeding into the tank.

We are well experienced in rural and urban areas and our client base of more than 400 clients includes:

When it comes to handling and dealing with disposing septic waste we are the right people for you. With our specialized heavy vehicles there isn’t a job too big for us to handle.

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