Safety Regulations on proper waste disposal 

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Safety regulations are the strongest form of official advice that companies and individuals need to abide by. The safety regulations are important in securing that society operates and the health of all within the society. Several infections can be harmful toward people and our environment need to be managed. Ensuring that everything is disposed of correctly will prevent the spread of infections and pollution. 

Several safety regulations are in place to ensure that we dispose of waste correctly. Each regulation specific to everything waste disposal related. In South Africa waste is regulated under the Waste Act (59/2008) which provides waste classification and management regulations. These regulations provide the standards of how specific waste should be handled before and after being disposed of.

General Safety regulation 

  1. Waste generators must have their waste assessed following the Norms and Standards for Assessment of Waste for Landfill Disposal.

Thisis important as some products of waste need to be disposed of differently. Not all forms of waste can be disposed of at a landfill. There are separate regulations for different materials that need to be disposed of accordingly

  1. No person may dispose of waste, or knowingly or negligently cause or permit waste to be disposed of, in or on any land, water body or at any facility unless the disposal of that waste is authorized by law. 

This includes specific policies/regulations in place that regulate where what can be disposed of and how. 

  1. No person may dispose of waste in a manner that is likely to ensure the pollution of the environment or harm to health and well-being

This includes regulations surrounding hazardous, septic, chemical, etc. waste that can be harmful to the environment and human life. 

These aren’t the only regulations however a broad overview of what the regulations entail.

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