How to tell when your septic tank needs changing

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A septic tank is typically located underground where sewage and other waste components are collected and decomposed. The decomposition process would include bacterial activity draining techniques.

The advantages of utilising a septic tank enhance environmental sustainability and improve the health of the eco-system. The cost-effectiveness associated with investing in a septic tank reduces unnecessary expenditure and maintenance with regards to on-site water treatment and removal of toxic particles.

A few aspects to consider when changing your septic tank include understanding the components of the tank and identifying the following:

  1. Constant backups and down-time in between operations

The significant downtime of the system is a definite indication of the tank requiring maintenance and replacement of the components of the tank.

  1. Contaminated water and toxic particles

Toxic particles should be thoroughly investigated by identifying the source of the contamination. This also includes greener grass being identified in the system itself.

  1. Pumping more frequently than usual

A clear indication of the system requiring maintenance or replacement would be the frequent amount of pumping. This would indicate that the components are not working as optimally as they should be. Slow drains could also contribute to sludge build-up.

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